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The introduction of our new Squad teams is a fantastic opportunity not only for the players but for our club, as we continue to grow and head towards our goal of having a team in the National Senior Futsal League.

Places in the Squad are by invitation and players are selected for their positive attitude, behaviour, listening skills, willingness to learn, fitness, commitment and reliability, as well as their technical ability and game understanding.

In addition to your child’s usual training session, they will have squad training every 3 weeks and, in addition to their regular team fixtures, the Squads will play 1–2 matches per month.

What is involved

  • Squad training will be a separate training session from player’s current Club session.
  • Squad training sessions will have a maximum of 14 players per session.
  • All Squad players must also attend their age group’s weekly club sessions as part of their ongoing development. 
  • Squad players will also be included in the existing club teams and take part in the club’s regular league and fixture programme.
  • Every Squad player is expected to attend all the training sessions and matches. (1-2 matches per month)
  • There will be two qualified Futsal coaches taking each session.
  • Sessions will follow a syllabus which every player will be given a copy of.
  • Squad players will be monitored throughout each term on their progression and development.

Squad Matches

Squad games will be mostly home fixtures (at Birchwood) and some away fixtures, and will generally be played on Saturday afternoons. These fixtures will be against other Futsal clubs and academies. The Squads will also represent the club in the FA Youth Futsal Competitions, tournaments and in other leagues and festivals.

The benefits of being a Squad player

  • Up to 13 additional training sessions
  • 2 qualified Futsal coaches at every session
  • Limited player numbers per session (to a maximum of 14 players)
  • Advanced training sessions
  • Training syllabus
  • Additional fixtures outside the club’s regular league and fixture programme
  • Play teams at the highest level of Futsal
  • NEW Joma Squad Kit  (this Joma kit must be worn at training and matches)
  • Opportunities to progress along the club’s Futsal pathway.
  • Represent Futsal Club UK in FA and major competitions.

Join one of our Futsal Squads

U10 Futsal Club UK Squad click here to join
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U14 COPA Futsal Club UK Squad click here to join
U14 LIGA Futsal Club UK Squad click here to join
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